Hey guys this is Camera Geek from AccessoryGeeks.com showing you today the exclusive BNA Nature Apple iPad 2 100% hardwood case and stand here today.

This is the BNA Nature Apple ¬iPad 2 hardwood case and stand. It is made completely out of teak wood it is made specifically for the Apple iPad 2 if you take a look on the back there is a port for the camera and down here for the speaker you can flip it around and then the camera would be down here in and speak would be up here, hence the extra holes. but let’s go back if you didn’t hear the click this actually does have the magnets inside the case not unlike the Smart Cover, so it will turn the iPad on and off when you close it and open. Oh and I also did mention that the case will lock into place with these little knobs which got a do is disclose it make it look like a cutting board and then you could lock the case into place with these two nubs. since they are made out of wood they don’t fit in perfectly, not all the time this this nub right here does but this one has little bit of trouble. But they are to be completely different because they’re made of wood so maybe you might get one that works fine.

The iPad is held in place with these little hinges right here not the most secure, there is little the wobbling. Typically these things have silicone but little silicone mats that you would put in to the case as well but they don’t seem to be in this one the BNA Nature’s iPhone cases run with those but these don’t for some strange reason. since there’s no real bells and whistles other than the fact that it’s made out of wood the iPad is almost completely functional just as it normally would, there are two big concerns of mine actually maybe about three big concerns of mine about this case.

The port the docking port is accessible but not the headphone port unless you turn the iPad around, and now the headphone port is accessible but not the docking port. so you have to kind of choose one or the other the other main concern is that you won’t have access to the volume rocker or the locking switch. you won’t have access to those if they are in the case you have to take them out. You can adjust the volume of the iPad via the screen but it seems little cumbersome, kind of with the main concern of like the Kindle Fire was, but those are my only main concerns. it doesn’t look very functional case for every day but since I am the Camera Geek I was thinking I could if I had an iPad 2 I probably would get this and use it as a case to hold iPad when I show off my photo and video portfolio, because it does look like a frame, it’s a very handsome piece and you know it really will stick in people’s minds kind of like a meshing of the modern and ancient. then it does look really nice it just doesn’t function very well but if you use your iPad less for like listening to music and more for you know drawing, playing games, showing off a portfolio… then this is probably a piece for you. it sits in this position right here just at this and also in this position I actually open up an app’s that also will stay in this position with the angle very very steep not really my favorite but it does look a lot like a photo frame. It can also sit in the landscape orientation but I really really don’t like this because it’s sitting 90° to the to the table or were ever maybe my favorite orientation so far would be having sit like easel. I feel like you have more access, less strain on your wrists to use the case like this and it gives it a very nice viewing angle, like I said if you were to show off like a portfolio or if you wanted to use like the Colors app to draw I am so I’m little split about this it definitely is a very nice looking piece it, smells wonderful because of the teak wood construction and it looks awesome. I love anything that is just very simplistic and made of wood and it looks great against the black bevel, but as far as function goes it may not be the best for everyone. People who really like utilized every little piece of their iPad might do better with a more functional case maybe one not as big but people who just use it every so often maybe a read, draw, show, off their portfolio and who don’t mind carrying around a cutting board this is definitely an interesting piece I would suggest getting it just because you know it’s made of wood it is very novel in that fact and it looks great.

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