Hey guys.
Maxine here at AccessoryGeeks.com, I have in front of me the original Body Glove, Blackberry Playbook Crystal Silicone Case and essentially if you want to protect your Playbook, but not add any bulk to it.
This is the perfect case for it.
It is a rubberized ware-resistant material and it is durable.
So you can add a little bit of style and uniqueness with a texture and a high gloss stripe pattern to your Playbook without compromising the original shape and weight of your tablet.
And look, I’m just going to go ahead and put this on so you can see just how thin the case is and I have in front of me the dummy Playbook for the Blackberry and as you can see here it fits nice and neatly, it doesn’t add any additional thickness to your Playbook, but it will still add that nice layer protection that you can expect from Body Glove so perfect all your ports are still open and accessible same with the buttons as well as your camera port here in the back.
So you can find this original Body Glove Blackberry Playbook Crystal silicone case on AccessoryGeeks.com for $24.99 plus free shipping and handling and as always you can get 15% of your YouTube purchase with us if you use your subscriber coupon.
So don’t forget that you got it from a geek and check it out so you can let us know what you think, alright, take it easy.