Hey guys John here with accessorygeeks.com. I’m gonna be covering the batteries that we carry on our website. Just think that I wanna give you an idea of what are available for your cell phone. Now a lot of you aware that we do carry OEM batteries.. But we also carry after market batteries as well as OEM extended batteries and after market extended batteries. I’m gonna go over a little further between the two. And kinda give you an idea of how the batteries are changing just depending on the type of phone that you’re using. So to go on I’m gonna use this blackberry bald as our example. And the standard battery on this is about 1500 mm. And we do have in front of you two different types of extended batteries as well as standard after market batteries. And this is basically is gonna be about, I would say 1200.. 1300 mm so it a little 200 mm less than the standard. Original from blackberry.. But it’s not gonna really… You’re not gonna notice to much in performance. It’s gonna be a great replacement and it’s gonna be affordable of the price of which aftermarket battery and OEM battery are pretty big. There is actually big different between two. And the quality isn’t gonna be that much different, so that’s gonna be a piece of mind depending on which one you wanna buy. If you’re more interested in within, you know having the brand name within the battery, then you can buy the OEM one. But if you’re ok with the price after market are actually very comparable on replacement. And they all work very well with the cellphone that you intend to be used for. Now the other batteries that we have in front of you are two different types of aftermarket extended batteries. We have one from seidio. Which I would consider more on the upper tier of aftermarket batteries. The battery as you can see are really well designed. This one is about, let me see.. 2700 mm so it’s almost about 1000 mm more than.. actually 1200 mm more than a standard battery . So obviously it’s gonna increase talk time. But the big thing you’re gonna notice about sedio is the back cover of very well designed. As you can see it’s a good quality. I’ll show you how it looks on blackberry bald. So we have our standard battery in there, let’s go pop it on that. Oops I actually press music. Woops there you go. so here’s the seidio case, or the extended battery on the back of the blackberry bald 9700. And off course there’s gonna be an added on thickness to the phone because you’re using the extended battery. But I would assume that because you’re purchasing the extended battery you’re gonna be well aware of that. And the next what we have this is the standard extended battery. Which is in.. from any particular company. But as you can see the fitment of such plastic cases is still the same. But the design obviously is gonna be a little different than the seidio.. But the seidio you’re gonna be paying more. So you gonna be.. you gonna have to kinda like in analysis on what is gonna be more important to you. The standard or the extended after market batteries 2600 mm compared to 2700 mm. But like I said I’m not gonna notice much of the difference. So it’s really in the countdown you price. As far as one gonna be best for you. So moving on with batteries, so that’s just kinda covering the blackberry bald battery. Or other than new HTC phones as well as Samsung phones… The extended batteries are like this. This one is about 1750 mm this is for the HTC incredible. Now the incredible stock mm is about 1300 mm. So you know, this is a little increase about 450 mm increase as you can see the thickness remain the same. So a lot of new phones that are coming out particularly HTC and Samsung. The batteries are gonna stay relatively thin when you buy a standard or if you buy an extended. So just keep in mind you’re not gonna always need an extended back cover. It’s all gonna depend on the type of phone that you’re gonna use. So this is a quick video covering the types of batteries that we sell at accessorygeeks.com. If you guys have any questions regarding mm, or different types of phone and whether or not require extended battery doors.. Please leave a comment and I’ll address it the best I can. Until next time.. this is John from accessorygeeks.com reminding you you got it from a geek.