Hey guys Maxine here with AccessoryGeeks.com. And I have in front of me a few Charms for you to check out. And maybe you’re wondering what charm are. And Charms are ware for you to further accessorize your Cell Phone. Now it can help emphasize personality and it’s very flashy and very cute. Now we have 2 types of Charms. We have Charms that act for design purposes, which would help you to further accent your phone with your personal style. And then we have functional Charms. Now real quick, I’m just gonna go ahead and show off some of the design Charms that I have in front of me. And you may see that there you have one out right in style and this is a little giraffe. And with it’s sterling silver and rhinestone in it, very adorable. And I also have in front of me this heart with lock and key. And also, again sterling silver rhinestone as well. The ace card here and then a very beautiful purple heart with large rhinestone on it, very, very pretty. All cubic stones and may I remind of the bling cases that we carry. Now there’s also functional Charms and functional Charms are really awesome have on your phone. This one for instance for Motorola, is actually an LCD cleaner, so to clean off all the smudges and the dirt from your screen, so it’s really handy just have that on the phone it’s self. And then we also have this very discreet stylus, and it’s really small, very portable and it will right on to your phones, so you can take it with you everywhere which actually you never know when you need the Stylus. It’s very handy to have that. Now some of the models of phones have this loop here, and that is where you would attach the Charm. Now the Charm just slips right through that loop and then connects, and they ready to go. But for devices that don’t have the loops such as the iPhone, we know that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to get a Charm on there. So AccessoryGeeks.com provides these O rings with each and every Charm purpose. Now this O rings will stick right on to a device and peel that back in off. And I have the phone in front of me for us to test out. And then you just touch it right to the device… there we go and as you can see there is the O ring right there. And what we would to do is we’re gonna slip the cord for this Charm right through this O ring, just like that. And then once that’s done you’re going to loop it through. . one more time and your Charm is now attached. So this camera is now docked out with an adorable Charm. Look how cute that is. So you can check out more Charms from accessorygeeks.com on our website and don’t forget that we offer free shipping with every purchase. So remember that you got it from a geek.