Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek from accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another review of Accessory Geeks products. And this time we’re actually reviewing the ANT-BOOSTER-STK. It is basically this item right here. It is the cell phone signal booster sticker. It has the As Seen on TV logo. I know what you’re probably thinking – that these types of devices don’t really work. Actually I’m here to kind of try to prove it to you that it does work but it depends on the situation. Like almost all things that have something to do with antennas you actually – like our cell phone signal booster, the $200/$300 ones – they actually will work if only there is only signal inside already so basically you need to have some type of signal and on these devices will actually amplify it to make sure that you get more signal that way. So first thing’s first – I’m actually using the T-Mobile G2 – and you need to find the signal strength first right here – I don’t know if you can see it. Right now mine is at -97 dbm, -95 right now. And the way you go here is if you’re using an Android device you can always go to the setting, about phone, and status. I don’t know if you’re using an IOS or BlackBerry system or everything else but I’m pretty sure you can just Google it up – my screen has been off – so it is around -95 and -97. The higher the number, the higher the negative that means I’m getting worse signal so in order for me to test it, if I put on the sticker on to my device this number should go lower, so the negative should go lower. So I’m going to try it out – I’m just going to take off the battery of my phone. This is not recommended, you should turn off your phone first, but since we are short of time – it’s another way to reset my phone. Clean this area first sort of so there’s no dust, no like fingerprint or anything, and then it actually says “this side up” so peel this very carefully, make sure you don’t actually touch the gold part or the sticky side – very carefully, and stick it to where your antenna is and face it up. I’m going to put it right here, put my battery back on, and I hope this is not going to take too long to turn on. In the meantime I’m going to ask you a question. Like how many of you guys have actually tried out a lot of those “As Seen on TV” items? Make sure you post it on the comment below. Give me a link on what the items look like. I want to know what – if you guys actually tested it, you actually bought because of infomercials, and did it work, did it not work – tell me what you think about the item that you purchased, let me know because we are always kind of finding a lot of different ways to actually interact with you guys. We’re actually human, we’re geeks, we want to know what you think of “As Seen on TV” type of products. I know there are a lot of different stores in the mall and stuff, depending on where you live. For us here in California, southern California, most malls that I go to they’re always at one of those stores that it’s just filled with “As Seen on TV” products, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the store itself is called the “As Seen on TV” store but a lot of them have that. All right, so my phone is on and the time is definitely way off, and I got a missed call from an unknown persons. So I am going to go to – let me close this app first. I have a lot of apps on my phone, I play around with my phone a lot of times so my battery like dies really, really fast. All right, let’s go to setting – and then you should go to the About Phone, and Status. My signal right is at -89. I’m holding the phone exactly the same way, I’m covering the same exact thing. Actually it went up to -93 and that’s probably one of the highest points. So it does help, not as much, because this area, like the office area is actually really like I’ve got good signal here so you can’t really go – I mean the lowest point from before was -95, now the lowest point was -89 which is not much difference I guess but that determines the difference between you’re getting a three-bar versus a four-bar – you can still talk to each other. But for something like this, this is really cheap, it’s less than $10, and you can actually boost your signal. For those people who actually argue that it does not work at all I just tested it and it actually helped me boost a little bit of my signal, depending on which area, so it can mean the difference between a one-bar to a two-bar or a zero bar to a one-bar which actually you can make some calls, right? So for something that’s less than $10 I’m pretty sure it comes useful. Well that is the review. If you ask me if I would recommend to buy this for anybody or for yourself, I would – it’s less than $10, it gives you better signal, and if you live somewhere that you don’t get signal try it out. It might work, it might not, again it’s less than $10, free shipping, and it’s not going to cost you that much if it doesn’t work. Again, I hope you enjoyed this review. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek!