Hey what’s up guys this is JChun geek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and if you want to know a little more about Trident, the brand Trident, it’s a really huge name. You’re going to hear it a lot more often and they’re pretty much a direct competitor to Otterbox and Seidio and some of the higher end brands like that. So Trident has made a lot of new changes, and changes for the better actually, which I really like. One of the changes they made is that they make their products in the USA so it’s no longer manufactured or made in China. That means the products are more reliable and the materials they use are higher quality and more durable, and I believe that started on September 1st of 2012, I believe. It’s manufactured in Chino, California, right here in Cali where we’re at and made of all raw materials. It’s all designed manufactured and assembled in the USA, so that’s always good to know. Next, another thing I really like about it is that because they use raw materials it’s more environmentally responsible, more environmentally friendly. So what that means is that the case, after 25 years, approximately, is biodegradable so it’ll just degrade into the landfill and it’s not as toxic I believe, and it’s all for the same prices they were offering before. And they all come with a one y ear warranty in case anything happens to it, and a huge question that we’ve been getting is that all of the products do say it’s military grade but not everyone knows exactly what military grade means. So there’s a 3rd party testing and military standard, I guess it’s called MIL-STD-810F and’s for the Kraken AMS cases, so that’s like their highest proection line that they offer. It’s their series for smartphones and tablets and cyclops cases as well. So they either meet or exceed military standards and this is tested by an independent laboratory, so what it means is that it passes the vibration, so pretty much shock, dust, so blowing dust for 3 hours at 29 ft/sec, sand also for the same amount of time, 3 hours at 59 ft/sec, rain at 7.9 inches per hour at 40 mph wind velocity for one hour. And drop method, so 26 drops onto concrete from 4 ft. so all of those tests have passed with flying colors and so you definitely know it’s durable. They even have a chart where they compare themselves to Otterbox and other brands, and they exceed their competitors by at least one, one to two bars, which are levels. So for the pricing that they’re offering and the protection that they offer for the cases, it’s the best you’re going to get for your phone. The most affordable and also on AccessoryGeeks.com, we offer free shipping so definitely take advantage for that and get your Trident case today right here! Okay thanks for tuning in today guys, and remember, You, Got It From A Geek!