hey guys camera geek here from AccessoryGeeks.com showing you today the exclusive T phone eco-design AT&T Verizon Verizon Apple iPhone for iPhone for S handfinished would hard back cover case made out of coconut would I really like this case just because made out of coconut would and so is the septum jewelry the number rainouts a twinkle in because of know I have my septum pierced and I liked where wooden jewelry and I really like wooden cases not a lot of people like them because the do crack if you live in a very dry environment in the can break and they can catch on fire or if you put into it but if you proclaimed anything you can catch on fire it could catch on fire I don’t believe that these catch on fire those because they’re finished I believe that are some fire retardation to it retardant there some fire retardant it an unlikely help to say that work without sounding extremely offensive anyway as you can see the case has giving you full access to the switches and buttons severe is the one all the docs to seniors the screen lock headphone jack volume buttons and switch and the the charging dock and to speakers and then of course the front is completely accessible the case also comes with to count them too screen protectors which are in this vinyl bag and the case also comes with all these little strips of silicone of varying length and thickness there are three thicknesses the thickest being .6 the next the case being .4 and the thinnest being .2 5.2 5.4 and .6 of what I don’t know I’m assuming because these are made overseas on these are centimeters not inches because that is not .4 inches that just isn’t again I’m assuming centimeters but the reason why they come with these silicone strips is because of see right there eco-the phone iPhone can’t adjust slide out and that’s not good so what you do is you use the strips of silicone on the back is a little piece of adhesive and you’d either stick it onto the case or on your iPhone and then you such iPhone in with the silicone in place and then wallah you won’t move because silicone abstraction and become varying thicknesses because if you live in a humid environment you want use these thinner ones because humidity causes would to expand and blowed up so if thinner piece of silicone will fit better and that kind of environment if you leave it in a really dry environment. Want one of the thicker ones because dry air can send out a piece of wood and maybe even cause of the cracks of you do live in a diagram into a true that you boil this with like some extra virgin always all or Judah but will busily anything that you would use to keep your a I could get wooden jewelry or wood furniture keep it nice and shiny and keeping it from getting dry but if you live somewhere in the middle link here eight accessory geeks HQ not too far from the coast but not too far away from the desert either there were little bit in the middle you would use the thickness that’s in between the two of them because that’s where your their climate is in between the two I believe it’s called amid Mediterranean environment anyway that’s not here nor there this video getting too long anyway guys if you have anymore questions regarding the exclusive T phone eco-design AT&T Verizon Apple iPhone for iPhone for S handfinished wood hard back cover case in coconut would or because of a question about any the items of have here@accessorygeeks.com please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-GEEKS-93 or you can contact us via live chat Facebook or e-mail our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific standard time and as always there is free shipping to the US and Canada this is been camera geek guys and remember that you got it from a geek