Hi geeks, this is AnimalPrintGeek with AccessoryGeeks here bringing you another product review for the Original Disney AT&T/ Verizon Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 4S Hard Case with Mickey & Minnie Mouse Walking. It’s a very very cute case for the iPhone 4S. It covers and goes over the back and the side. The case is very protective. Keeps your phone in very good shape. You will need a screen protector, so definitely check out screen protectors for this item.

This is a Disney licensed iPhone 4/iPhone 4S hard case, again it’s a Mickey and Minnie Mouse walking. It protects and prevents against dust, scratches, and bumps. It’s a snap on case, very stylish, very cute for anybody who loves Mickey and Minnie. Definitely go and get it. It has a great grip on it for you and it is compatible for Verizon/AT&T or the Sprint version Apple iPhone 4 iPhone 4S. Definitely want to go ahead and get one of these case, it’s very cute for men or women.

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