a guys camera geek here the street geeks.com really today Displex display polish transgressor refers cell phone LCD screen now I was then use my own phone the my phone doesn’t have and scratches on so I recall reviewing a few items for this G2 acts and I remember seeing that it had a very scratch so, we try and fix of the scratches displaces was to be used for light scratches this is camera used for pretty deep scratches oh using the wind more so have a we cut in half the see which side is a group of cases the first step that says is to table all the sides us to make sure that you don’t get any of the display in the button so ports and that and then mounts exactly sure house not very keen on telling you that’s weird it’s more than one solution is first came as a clear station now click the paste anyway I guess you just dabs on the this let’s on the screen there is no smell I was expecting iPhone’s Mountlake milk plastic I don’t believe that it said is a command just you repeat the applications and that it works on LCD screens so like to see just beginning to clear him that doesn’t look too bad guess you deftly see that it’s cleaner some of the light scratches her death account case of this is the side that was treated with Displex and this is the side that wasn’t him granted is camera’s and best but you can do is a definite difference maybe since cleanliness but if I look at it with my eyes the scratches are the minor scratches and gone there are the really heavy scratches of it I don’t even think they’ll ever leave is these really heavy scratches is stainer will provide us try one last will applications Displex Claire the area that I it’s that I treated with Displex keeps getting bigger I honestly can’t say that the bigger scratches look any different but again the small scratches be will build and I know it’s hard to tell screen but obviously this is some sort of miracle workers work to take a big huge chunks of plastic that you scraped your phone on gravel but you deftly will help the little tiny scratches and this really really clean and I can’t get the fingerprints on usually good sign you might hands-on getting fingerprints on the no visible fit the screen so and maybe this is an added bonus of not being able to pick up fingerprint after using it is always nice I guys if you have anymore questions about the display splay polished brass for cell phones or if you have a question about any the items we have here at accessorygeeks.com please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1866 geeks 93 or you can contact us via live chat or e-mail our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific standard time and as always there is free shipping to the US and Been camera geek guys review from a geek