The Geeks do a quick comparison for the Droid Charge and the HTC Thunderbolt. Both phones are equiped with Verizon 4G LTE radios, and have 4.3 inch 480 x 800 touchscreens. The Droid Charge has a Super AMOLED Plus display covered in Gorilla Glass, while the HTC Thunderbolt has a Super LCD display. The Droid Charge’s dimensions are 5.1″ x 2.67″ x 0.46″ while the HTC Thunderbolt’s dimensions are 4.8″ x 2.6″ x 0.52″. Both phones are equipped with front facing camera’s and a 8MP camera on the back. Droid Charge is equipped with a HDMI port while the Thunderbolt strictly has a micro USB charging port.

Hey guys Julian with here with a hardware comparison of the HTC Thunderbolt and the Samsung Droid Charge from Verizon Wireless. Let’s start with comparing the size of these two phones. These are both 4.3 inch touch screen phones with a 480×800 resolution. The Thunderbolt uses a super LCD panel while the Droid Charge uses a Super AMOLED Plus panel so both have pretty nice displays with different technologies and you can see the difference when you turn the screen on. Even though both had the same resolution the Super AMOLED panels do have a brighter display and colors are a little more vibrant.

More hardware differences, thickness wise. They’re very similar, the thunderbolt is slightly thinner coming in just under half an inch while the Thunderbolt is slightly over half an inch. On the back of the Thunderbolt it has this nice kickstand with a little graded speaker reel underneath whereas the Droid charge simply has a speaker cut out and the battery cover with no kick stand. Both cameras are 8 MegaPixel with a flash. The Thunderbolt has a dual LED flash and both phones have a front facing camera. The Droid charge does however have pay HDMI port whereas the thunderbolt strictly has a micro USB port.

And finally the Droid charge has— excuse me the Thunderbolt has a nice notification light underneath the speaker grill whereas the Droid charge does not. So that’s a hard rail review for these two phones, we’ll be going into some phone test and comparisons coming up so stay tune for those so this is Jillian from Accessory reminding you that you got it from a geek.