Hey guys, Hopping Geek here from Accessory Geeks. What I have today is the Samsung Infuse and a few different options of protecting your phone. So first off screen protector – very important – this protects your screen against scratches, scrapes, abrasions, dirt, dust, lint, everything in your pocket and your purse, whatever. It’s a great way to protect this huge screen from getting damaged. It’s really easy to put on and it prevents glare. So $6.99, not too bad for a screen protector, to protect your investment so first step, screen protector definitely. So on to cases – so this is a really pretty case that we have. It’s blue and green water lilies on white. Super easy – it already has all the appropriate cut-outs for everything especially if you put it on the right way. Everything’s still totally accessible, snaps on to place, you can still charge, take pictures, volume, everything, and it’s a great way to kind of spruce up your phone and make it stand out from the others. And this goes for $12.99. But say you want a little more protection than just the plastic case then what we have for you is this awesome case that it’s two things in one. So it has this hard plastic back and then this gummy silicone outside. It’s super easy to put on and just like the other one all the ports are accessible and then even the volume, even though you can’t see it, it still works. This is a great way to protect your phone, add a little bit of color and pizzazz. And this is only $9.99 on accessorygeeks.com. And then let’s say you want even more protection than that we have the Body Glove. You can’t go wrong with Body Glove. Not only do they have this nice velvety inside to make sure that the back of your phone doesn’t get scratched but it already has all the appropriate cut-outs, ports, everything you need for your Infuse. And Body Glove really knows how to protect your phone and this is really sleek but it has like this rubberized so it doesn’t just like fall right out of your hand. And it’s a durable hard shell so it will protect your phone but this material is like a textured glove material so it’s really cool from Body Glove. And what’s also cool is they have this coin slot thing to help you open it. They thought of everything, Body Glove, so this will really protect your phone and along with your screen protector your Infuse will be totally protected. So this Body Glove case goes for $19.99 on accessorygeeks.com where there’s always free shipping. And don’t forget that you got it from a geek.