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Greetings Geeks. This is GoofyGeek here and welcome to another AccessoryGeeks product review. Today we’re going to be reviewing a PureGear DualTek Hybrid hard case for the Galaxy S3.

As you can see, packaging is pretty nice and it’s probably not going to get hurt during transit. Let’s go ahead and open it up. It closes with velro so you know it’s not going to open unless you pull it open. This plastic just slides right on out like that and pops open like so.

Just looking at it, it’s already got a nice slim design. It’s got a nice color contrast, very fashionable. It’s pretty unisex as black is slimming and beautiful. In here, you can see, there’s holes, these hexagonal holes. These creates a little aircushion between your phone and the actual case so when it’s actually dropped, that cushion adds a little bit of layer between the phone and the case so your phone won’t get damaged.

Go ahead and pop this bad boy in here. As you can see it just goes right in. Not loose at all, right? And the benefit of this case is that it’s a hybrid case so it has both hard case and silicone case in it, built into it. It’s one layer so it’s not a dual layer so it’s not bulky either. The benefit of having a hard case so that it won’t get scratched or get dented by any sharp objects like, say, in your purse. The benefit of having the silicone, like these corners, is that it’ll absorb shock when dropped and this particular case has been drop tested within our geek laboratory and it withstands forces up to six feet. That’s six feet of impact, okay? You can go ahead and pick this up from our store at $39.99 and I think it’s a great addition to your beautiful Galaxy S3.