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Hey Geeks! Welcome to another installment of the Geeks Round Table. Today we’re going to be talking about the brand new Note 2 and getting some insights from two of my colleagues here.

So here we have them. We have the Galaxy Note 2 which just came out about a week for Verizon and it’s been out internationally and it’s been on other major US carriers. And what were going to do today is get the experience of a current Galaxy Note 2 user and the original Galaxy Note user. So why don’t we start with the current Galaxy Note 2 user, MasterGeek. He has owned a Galaxy S3 prior to this and an iPhone 5 as well. So he has a pretty good grasp on all these different competing phones on the market.

So why don’t we start what you like about the phone and what you don’t like about the phone first.

Okay, I’ve been using the phone for about seven days now. And what I like about the phone is everybody asks me, “Hey! What kind of phone is that?” “Oh that’s a Galaxy Note 2” “Oh I’m waiting on that” “How is that phone?” So this is a good conversation starter. So, I like the fact that it is a good conversation starter. But right before the Galaxy Note 2 I used the iPhone 5 for about 2 months and before that I was using the S3 for about 4 months. When I was using iPhone 5, I really hated how small the screen size was. I was always double tapping when I was trying to text and this screen size is just not big enough. So I got to Note 2, so as you know, you have great screen size, but with that, a problem arose.

I text a lot while I’m driving. And it’s hard for me to text with one finger and it’s really hard for me to do anything with one finger. And I just cannot reach, my thumb is not long enough to get to the corner so I have to change hands. And this perspective changes also, so I now have issue with screen size again with Note 2. So that’s what I don’t like about Note 2. And another thing I don’t like about the Note 2 is the applications. Apple with iOS they just have a lot more applications and apps and they have superior apps. There are a lot of people who are building Android apps now but iOS just has better apps and a lot more variety of apps.

So Sean, as a current Galaxy Note owner, what intrigues you about the Galaxy Note 2? What do you like about your Note that you feel has been improved in the Note 2 and would you buy the Note 2?

So I’ve been using the Galaxy Note 1 for the last one year. And actually, I love it. I really love it. To me, this is just the perfect size. And I can type in with one finger and there is a mode where the keyboard can be minimized a little bit so I can do whatever with one hand. The only downside for the Galaxy Note 1 is since when it came out first time, it was Gingerbread OS, but now the Galaxy Note 2 is the Jellybean right? And now it’s updated to the Ice Cream Sandwich which is a pretty new version and once I upgraded to that version it is kind of slow. So, I will say it’s really optimal for the function.
He butt dials me a lot.

And I see some errors or bugs on applications and comparing to Apple products, it has that downside but overall, watching videos or web browsing it’s just perfect. Another purely good advantage for this one is, you know the iPad Mini came out but the thing is it kills the need of iPad or tablet PC. Because this is big enough enjoy movie or reading text or whatever and also it has the phone capability. Why do you need another big tablet that doesn’t have the phone capability which means I need to carry two devices.

And the points that improved from Galaxy 1 to Galaxy 2, since I’ve been using this, I see a lot of improvement from there. First the CPU got upgraded to the quad core graphics and dual core for the CPU right? But still, all the app performance is really good, fast, smooth, just perfect. And also the Gingerbread, not the Gingerbread, Jellybean, it has really great functions. And also it detects your eye movement and doesn’t go to sleep. So that functionality I really love it. And also a lot of great features and note writing function is improved so the people who wants the bigger size of screen and do a lot of video or browsing, it will be just perfect.

Well that wraps it up for another edition of the Geeks Round Table. I would like to thank Master Geek and LOLGeek for sharing their thoughts about the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2. Please check out the Geeks Guide for more awesome content and the next edition of the Geeks Round Table. So to sign off, like we always like to say around here remember, you got it from A Geek!

Thanks for watching and remember! You got it from A Geek!