Cell phone contracts are life commitments. In particular, AT&T trains their workers to keep their customers–they won’t let you go without a fight. Commendable work ethics, but for customers, this can be very troublesome. Many AT&T users have stated their concerns in blogs, forums, and websites. I have read the horror stories of a person begging over the phone to a partner who must bring in their deceased partner’s death certificate to validate the termination of the contract; cell phone contracts are more serious that marriage contracts, “to death due us part.”
There are a couple way that larger forums, newspapers, and websites, such as wikiHow, The New York Times, and eHow have provided advice to the frustrated AT&T customer. Here is an accumulation of the most practical steps to cancel your contract without going to the extreme of moving to a new house with no service, faking your death, or joining the army.

1. Know your contract.

Read the your contract carefully–Know it better than the employees. Read all the fine print in the terms and conditions. AT&T tends to rack up their prices and in the fine print, you’ll find that they permit you to cancel your contract without any early termination fees. This leads to our second step.

2. Catch their bluff.

When AT&T raise your prices on your contracts, you can inform your dissatisfaction and terminate your contract.

3. Be an irritable rebel costumer

Put your phone on “roam only.” When you use this feature on your phone, you are actually using a rival service. AT&T will loose money and may find you a futile asset to their company; and then, let you go!

4. Ask for your contract

If you ask for your cell phone contract, and they don’t have copy, then, you can cancel without any extra fees.

5. Find a compatible costumer.

There is a costumer out there who is looking for an AT&T contract. You can go to websites such as and to find the right person for you.

6. Complain, Complain.

Buy a phone that you know is “problematic,” as wikiHow states. A problematic phone is your heaven sent angel. Now you have endless reasons to call in Costumer Service and complain three times. However, this is no a guarantee cancelation.
There are my 6 general steps to take to get out of your AT&T account. If you are desperate, you can resort to extreme matters: move, join the army, or present a death certificate. Canceling cell phone contracts shouldn’t interrupt the flow of our life. They should be a convenience, not a major factor of stress. So try out these steps and stay persistent!