Hey guys, SportsGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com here with an unboxing video of the Google Nexus 7.

This is a pretty hot highly anticipated tablet. It's Google's first tablet that they are selling directly themselves and it is the first 7 inch quadcore tablet.

As you can see, on this box, a nice little sleeve, you can see the ASUS branding. So let's slide this open. Inside we have this very handsome black box with two very tricky pieces of tape here so I'm going to cut these open, slide these open, and here we have it. Very clean front, no branding on the front at all. Very handsome design.

So let's look through the rest of the box. Looks like it's all contained within this small little box. You have a micro USB data cable, warranty information, and on the other side, a ASUS power adapter. Looks like this puts out 2 amps so definitely a tablet worthy charger. So very smart package but for $200 you can't really expect too much more and you're already getting this awesome Nexus tablet.

So let's take it out of the wrapping. There you have it. Again, very minimalistic design on the front. Nice subtle silver trim here. And this, what people have been rubbery/leathery back and I can tell on a first impression that it's very comfortable to hold.

I'm going to put it next to the Kindle Fire we have here. The dimensions are really similar. The Nexus is slightly taller, slightly thinner, but it also has this curved edge right here so it makes it a lot easier to hold in your hand, whereas the Kindle Fire is squared off. Both have this rubbery back. Both are textured but the Nexus texture is kind of perforated leather and it's really nice. So we'll shoot some videos comparing these two tablets so stay tuned for those. Again, this is SportsGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com reminding you that you got it from a geek.

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