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Hi guys, DisneyGeek here with a product review.

In front of me I have a green charge and sync lightening cable. It’s about three feet long. With this cable, you can transfer data and synchronization for your phone. Also note that it works with any Apple product and also the cool thing about this is you’re able to plug it into your phone from this way and also you can plug it in the other way also that the other past cables did not have.

So I want to demonstrate plugging it in and letting it charge. So you plug it in from the bottom of your phone and take the other side and then you plug it into the USB port and as I do that, you’ll see it light up. There you go, and as you can see it fits perfectly and works efficiently. And also, this green cable is unique. If you want to make a statement at a party or if you want to feel unique, you just bust it out and it can kind of be a party topic also.

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