Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek. Welcome to another episode of our reviews. And today I will review the Luxmo GT series micro USB type charger. I’ve actually reviewed another micro USB charger before. This is exactly the same but this is the GT series. It actually has an intelligent chip inside it. This has more information on it if you want to read it. But it has supposed to be an LED indicator if it’s charging or not, that actually looks really cool. Plug this in into your car and plug this into your phone. This is a micro USB type charger so it will work with a lot of different Smarphones nowadays. They’re trying to make a universal connector for almost all phones so you can use one charger for as many phones and devices as you have. Some GPS devices actually uses a micro USB charger as well but usually they come with a charger inside already. But if you need an extra one for some reason the GT Series from Luxmo is actually one of the top of their charger lines and this is a micro USB type charger. It is always good to have a car charger because you never know when you’re going to run out of battery. In the meantime I will look for the price of this particular beast. Just give me one second – and this is actually on sale for $6.99 with our discount as well if you look at our coupon site. The section, the coupon section, you can get this actually even cheaper so look around for the coupons or if you’re our subscriber and if you are like either a Facebook fan or Twitter follower you can always ask us for the 15% off discount that we change every two weeks. We used to have a static coupon but now we want more interaction from you. So talk to us, ask for our coupon, this is $7 free shipping to US and Canada for the Luxmo GT Series micro USB charger. Check this out at accessorygeeks.com and yes, I would totally recommend to buy this one. I would actually upgrade the charger that I have right now because it’s been three or four years that I’ve had the same micro USB charger for like three different phones actually, including my G2, it actually works. Check it our for our compatibility. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek!