Hey guys Maxine here with AccessoryGeeks.com. And today I’ll be walking you through how to apply a Mirror Screen Protector to your iPad 2. Now this Screen Mirror Protector application is absolutely applicable to any other Screen Protectors we carry for the iPad 2. As the cut for our Screen Protector for the iPad 2 are all precut, meaning that all the holes are already cut out for you. Now we’re gonna open this Screen Protectors up, and it comes with the few things. It comes with the Screen Protector it’s self, it comes with the terrycloth for you to clean off all the smudges and finger prints from your screen. It comes with the squeegee. The squeegee cards are actually going to push out all the bubbles once we applied the Screen Protector to the iPad2… so.. time to bring out the iPad 2. As you can see here these are a couple smudges and a couple finger prints, so we’re just gonna go ahead and get rid of that. Any dust particles that might be on it you also wanna make sure that those go away too, because those will get trap in the Screen Protector and you don’t want that because they will windup creating bubbles. And the bubbles with the last thing you want on this brand new beautiful iPad. Now when you apply your Screen Protector you’re gonna notice a few things. You’re gonna notice that they come with two tabs. The first tab is the one will be peeling back to apply the Screen Protector. So go ahead and peel off part of that. Don’t wanna peel off too much because then you will expose the Screen Protector to dust particles and that’s the last thing you want, remember? so align it with the corner, it’s actually covering not just the Screen but it will cover the entire front of the iPad. So align that to the best feel ability. And once that’s good to go start removing the plastic from the iPad Screen Protector and push down. Now if you notice that it’s not aligned, you can bring up the Screen Protector, align it and push down again. So as you can see here we’ve applied the Screen Protector , those are few bubbles still. So we’re just gonna go ahead and push those out. I’m gonna start with my finger and then I’ll move on to the squeegee card.. so now this is there.. We’re gonna go ahead and push all the bubbles out. Now if notice that the top of the Screen Protectors queering a lot of scratches and this could be essentially what happen to your screen if you don’t have a Screen Protector on it. But luckily we have the top code of the Screen Protector , which is keeping it from catching on the scratches. Most all the bubbles are out. We’re going to peel up this second tab. And your Mirror Screen Protector is good to go. As you can see my reflections in the iPad 2.. so hi guys. And you’re ready to go. You notice there are still couple more bubbles you can push those out with your squeegee card and you’ll be all set. So you can pick this up at AccessoryGeeks.com. The Mirror Screen Protectors go for $ 19.99. You can get Anti Glare Screen Protector for $19.99 as well. Or just rather the Premium Screen Protectors for $ 6.99. So definitely worth the investment and if you need any help, if you have any questions or concern you can leave comments below and I’ll do my best to address them. Don’t forget that you got it from a geek.