Hey guys Maxine here with AccessoryGeeks.com. And I have in front of me a screen protector for the Nook Color. Now if you’re using your Nook then you’ll know that you’re constantly touching the screen to flip pages and a great way to avoid scratches on your Nook Color is to apply a Screen Protector. Now I’ll be going there on how to apply Screen Protector to your Nook so let’s get start it. First I’m gonna go ahead and remove the screen protector from the packaging. This is an Ultra Clear Screen Protector meaning that it won’t compromise the colors or the brightness on your screen. Screen Protector will come in two things, it’ll come with the Screen Protector it’s self along with the cloth for you to clean off all the smudges from your Nook. So let’s go ahead and bring up the Nook. Here we have the Nook and as you can see there are couple smudges so we’re just gonna go ahead and get rid off that by wiping it down. You might wanna get rid off all the smudges and all finger prints and all the dust particles from your Nook. That way your Nook will be nice and pristine. And you don’t wanna trap any of those smudges that are already on it onto your Nook, because they’re gonna be there forever, at least as long as your screen protector on. So give that good wiped down, you also don’t want any dust particles, because dust particles will create bubbles. Once your Nook screen is smudge free, you’re gonna go ahead and take your screen protector and as you can see here it fits, it’s already pre cut fits your screen. So you’re going to pull this first tab.. back.. Just expose the corner of it. And the next part about the Nook is.. it’s got a lid edge, so you can just align that up as so.. and then you’re begin to peel this back. And that lid edge makes it really easy to align your screen protector. Let’s gonna go ahead and push that down. As you can see we have a couple of bubbles. We’re gonna go ahead and push those out. You can use a credit card or you can use your finger, heap actually helps to remove bubbles faster. So I like to start using my thumb and then use that to push all the bubbles out towards the edge. And once you got the majority of the bubbles out, you can go ahead and peel this back. So now that you’ve peeled back the second tab you can go ahead and start getting rid off some of those small bubbles. And then once you do, your screen protector will be good to go.. So thanks for tuning in this is Max with AccessoryGeeks.com. And don’t forget that you got it from a geek.