Hey guys Maxine here with AccessoryGeeks.com. And I’ll be showing you how to apply an Anti-Glare Screen Protector to your iPhone 4. Now your iPhone 4Screen Protector will come with 2 things. It’ll come with the Screen Protectors, there’s a flatten back end installed for you.. or available for you, excuse me. And then a cloth to wipe free all the smudges from your phone. Now we’ll be focusing on how to apply the Flat Screen Protector today. Now you’re gonna go ahead and give your phone a really good wiped down before you apply. And this is just to make sure that no many smudges on the phone here get trapped in the Screen Protector.. So.. Give us a good wipe down, you don’t want any smudges or dust particles on your screen. Once your screen is wiped free from all smudges you’re gonna go ahead and peel back this first tab, just the corner. And then you’re going to align it with the edge of the iPhone.. so I’m gonna go.. and once that’s done you’re gonna go ahead and peel back the tab, and then just press that down. If you notice that it’s an even, you can always peel up the eye or the Screen Protector and peel that back up, actually don’t touch the bottom of it. And you can always reapply. And now that your Screen Protector is on, as you can see here we have a couple bubbles so we’re just gonna go ahead and rub this out. And as a fun fact heat actually helps to get bubbles out of the screen protector and rub that out like that with your finger . And if you notice that there are some husky bubbles you can use a license or squeegee card to just push those out. That.. as you can see here I’m not having too much trouble, just getting that out of my finger so.. so all the air bubbles are out. And once the air bubbles are out you’re gonna push.. peel back this second tab from your phone. And your screen protector is applied. Now as you can see here there are still some bubbles, so you can just push those out with your finger and once that out, you’re all good to go. So an Anti-Glare Screen Protector is now installed on your screen and you’re good to go. Thanks for tuning in. This is Max with Accessorygeeks and don’t forget that you got it from a geek.