Hey Geeks!  FoodGeek from AcccessoryGeeks is here.  I recently purchased a plastic case for my iPhone and encountered difficulty on how to install and take them off. So I’ve decided to turn to GamerGeek for help. He guided me through this valuable lesson. Now that I’m enlightened beyond measure, I would like to share this knowledge with you all! In this following how-to guide, you will learn how to: keep your phone protected with a plastic case, identify major parts and components of the product, and a step-by-step guide on how to install and take off your plastic case.

Materials needed:

  • Plastic Case and its components
  • Cell phone


Step 1: Before we install or remove any other products we recommend you to have, or get a Phillips head screw driver and a pry tool to remove it later just in case. Also, clean your phone first to avoid any debris on your screen.

Step 2: Remove the plastic case and its components from the plastic bag. Normally, you should have the front and back casing (varies depending on your cell phone model).

Step 3: There are 3 additional parts: the base for the clip, the screw for the clip, and a cushion to protect it from scratches.

Step 4: For cases that come with a belt clip, you will see a square hole on the center of the case’s back cover. This is where the base goes, but it’s up to you whether to install it or not. This is optional since it merely provides another function of securing the phone on a belt clip. If you usually don’t put it on your waist, then there really is no need to install this part. However, if you do want to install it, you first take the base and align it on the square hole on the outer side of the back case. Then, take the screw and screw it on there from the inner side of the back case. It’s not necessary to screw it too tight as long as it’s not moving.

Step 5: If you decided to install the base in the previous step, you should place the cushion on that spot. This is like a sticker and it serves a purpose of preventing your phone from scratches.

Step 6: Next, place the clip on the base. If installed correctly, you can put this clip on your waist and the case will be capable of rotating a full 360 degrees.

Step 7: Now, we are going to put the case on the phone. Simply align the two pieces on your phone until they snap together.  The fit should be snug and seamless.  If it is not, you might want to make sure that you purchased the correct plastic cover for your phone.

Step 8: Finally, how do you remove this case without actually breaking it? At Accessory Geeks we use the pry tool, which is also available for purchase at AccessoryGeeks.com. This tool has a really thin plastic part where you can actually scoop in the plastic case. You simply slide this plastic part of the tool into your plastic case from the side and pop it up. You will notice that the plastic cover will pop up very easily. That’s it folks!