How to

Materials needed:

Although this is not a rocket science, there are few basic things I need to go over with you. So here is a quick “How To Guide” on operating this technology.

Step 1:

Remove the battery from your phone and adjust the charger prongs to match the battery contacts. This is done by adjusting two plastic sliders, which are attached to the prongs, located on top of the cover.

Step 2:

Remember, this device is designed to work with all types of cell phone batteries, so if it doesn’t work immediately the first time, do not be alarmed. Just readjust the prongs in different possible arrangements until it works properly. For example, if your battery has 3 different contacts, there are three possible arrangements. For instance, we will label your three individual contacts A, B, and C in order. Then you can adjust your prongs to fit in combination of A and B, B and C, or A and C. This is just one slight limitation that only takes few seconds at max compared to all the other great capabilities this product offers for your lifetime!

Step 3:

With battery inserted, press “Test” to check proper connection. If “CON” led light doesn’t light up, you can try one of those following procedures. Change the polarity and repeat the previous step. To change the polarity, simply press the button on your right. If the light doesn’t show up still, choose alternative battery contacts and repeat those two previous steps. Successful connection has been established when the green led light lights up in “CON” bulb. Now, it is ready for charging.

Step 4:

Plug the charger into the socket and the red led light,”PW (for power)”, will light up.  Simultaneously, you should see a green “CH (for charging)” led light beeping. Lastly, the battery is fully charged when a solid green LED light for “FU (for full)” is lit.