Hey guys, Gamer Geek is here with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to one of our product reviews. Over here we have the HTC Droid Incredible 2 anti-glare screen protector. How does it look like? Boom! It looks like a regular clear screen protector but it actually has that anti-glare capability or material on this. It comes with the handy dandy card to actually push the bubbles out, micro fiber cloth – it’s a little small but it’s very useful, and I have here the dummy phone for the HTC Incredible 2. And basically it just goes here. It fits perfectly. For installation videos we have other videos, just the link down below. But this will actually fit the HTC Incredible 2 from Verizon Wireless. In particular I don’t really use the anti-glare screen protector because I don’t really – like I’m not out in the sun as much. I’m usually under like regular room lighting where I can see my phone. But from our customer review the anti-glare actually helps a lot when you’re out in the sun trying to view your phone. It’s not as glary as the regular transparent phone, the screen protectors, so it is a good idea if you think that you are outdoors much and you want to get a screen protector. The whole purpose of having a screen protector – of course is to protect the screen of your phone. This is actually on sale at accessorygeeks.com for $9.99. It’s less than $10, shipped to your door as long as you live within the United States and Canada. And if you’ve been paying attention you can actually get a 15% off discount code from one of the geeks. Contact us, it’s one of our social media coupons, 15% off, so you can actually get it way cheaper than $10 shipped. Who does that nowadays? As far as quality, this is actually a little bit thicker than the regular film and it comes in very nice packaging. I’ve already opened it of course but you would actually receive it a little bit better than how you see it right now. The screen protector goes here. But there you have it, the HTC Droid 2 anti-glare screen protectors from Accessory Geeks. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.