Gamer Geek: Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with, and welcome to another one of our product review videos. And right now in front of me, I have the HTC Droid Incredible 2 Hard Cases. I’m just going to showcase you a little bit of each. These are all the different kinds. Right now, we actually have over 100 different cases. Our cases are available at this section. The HTC Droid Incredible section is just down there. The link is down there. They range from $9.99, like these ones over here, $9.99 each, and all the way up to — these ones are $14.99 and these ones are $12.99. So it’s roughly around $15 and you get so many different varieties to choose from. And in order to help me review this particular series, I’m going to use the HTC Incredible 2 dummy phone. This is not a working phone and it will not be included within your case. So I am going to choose one of these. Let’s say psychedelic design right over here. It’s really easy to put it on actually. You just do like that. Put it on until you hear a snap so it clicks on each side, and there you have it. Your phone is actually protected now. And all the ports are open, same with all the other cases. The silicone skins are a little bit different because sometimes, they cover over the volume rockers but they are still accessible, like the power buttons and everything. But the hard cases are usually, has all open ports but the camera, volume rocker, charger, microphone, speakers of course on top over there, and the headphone jack is over here. Everything is open. Good. It’s really essential that you have one of these cases, any type of case, hard case, silicone skin, it doesn’t matter because it actually protects your phone. Think of it as a body armor or clothing for your phone that you can change on a daily basis. They are so cheap that for something that’s around $10, $15 and protects your $200 to $400 phone, like some phones are actually $800 or more, so you want to make sure that you protect it. Combine the hard case with a screen protector, you’re good. You’re set. Now I’m going to try on the other cases over here real quick, just to show you different designs. And we have the bling series over here. We also have — this is more like a hybrid between a silicone skin and a hard case. The back part is really hard while the side is a little bit flimsier but it’s still pretty firm. It’s a little different than these two-piece ones. You can just actually slide this one in like so. It makes your phone look unique and it looks like your phone is wearing clothes. Match it up with your clothes of the day and it’s good. I don’t know about you but it’s the phone that’s going to look good. I’m joking, of course. And if you actually find a coupon code anywhere, we’ve spread out our coupons everywhere, including our calendars, post cards, and newsletters. And you can find them on our site as well. And some of the popular coupons that you can use is actually the social media coupon, 15% off. You just have to ask one of the Geeks through the social media channel and one of us will give it to you. These are all I have for today, again, hard cases for the Droid Incredible 2. We have a lot of different varieties, over 100 different ones, so look around. Check it out. The link is down below. This is Gamer Geek. You got it from a Geek.