Hey guys. Gamer Geek here with Accessory Geeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos and in front of me I have the original HTC Droid Incredible 2 Crystal silicone case. This is official product from HTC and you probably have seen this in the stores. Right now, we have it on sale for $16.99. This is definitely going to be cheaper than the ones at the mobile phone stores. So you know if you go to the cell phone stores and find these. We will probably have it cheaper and don’t forget that Accessory Geeks actually comes with free shipping and if you live outside of California there is no— we pay for your tax so you know it is going to be $16.99. We also have coupons flying around everywhere so we can even get it cheaper than 16.99. I will just show you how this looks like real quick. My first impression of this particular case it has the HTC logo on it because it is made by an official product. Really, that is my first impression of this. It is a good thing because you know this is a crystal silicone. It is meant to be a little bit rubbery. It is meant for you to you know grip the phone a lot better. I will show you our dummy phone right there. And now it feels kind of slippery, if your hands get sweaty it might just slip out of your hand like really fast but this one it feels that it is sticking to my hand. It is really good. It is not as flimsy as most silicone skins and it covers all the— I call it the dangerous areas of a cell phone when you drop it so let’s put it on real quick. Very snug fit, more snuggly than most silicone skins. Like really perfect fit. All the ports are open as you can see over there. All the ports are open, camera ports are still open as well, speakers. It feels a lot better. It doesn’t make your phone look cheesy and you know it is an official HTC product so the quality is a lot better than some silicone skins and for wear and tear I think silicone skin is also really, really good, but I prefer silicone skins like these ones for drops more than this for 16.99 and with free shipping I would highly recommend this. I am a little bit bias on white. I like the color white a lot and this crystal silicone case from HTC Incredible 2 makes this Incredible 2 really makes me want to upgrade my phone, but anyways, I would recommend this to everybody who has an HTC incredible 2. Again grip is really good, the fit is really snug and all ports are open. There is nothing much to review. I give it like a five stars out of five so there you have it. This is Gamer Geek. You got it from a geek!