Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to one of our product review videos. And today I have the HTC Evo 4G extended battery with the battery door. I’ll just open it real quick right now. This item is actually on sale for $24.99 each; if you actually buy two you can get it for $23.99 each. This is the extended replacement battery and the extended battery door that will fit your HTC Evo 4G. Basically your battery door, the standard battery door, will not fit because the battery is a little bit bulkier. I don’t know if you can see it. It has little extra thickness to it. Obviously this will give more talk time, more standby time. This is actually a 2400 milliamp battery, 3.7 volt. It will actually give you a whole day full of charge according to one of our reviewers. On April 19, 2011 one of our customers actually reviewed it and said that you normally use on one charge worth every dime. I don’t personally have an HTC Evo 4G but I’ve used an extended battery before. Of course I grab it from the Geek HQ. An extended battery is what it is, there is no gimmick to it. You buy a bigger battery for your phone to make sure that your phone will last longer. So if you charge your battery like once or twice a day – I know a couple of people that actually charge four times a day because their battery’s not that strong and they play with their phone a lot or they always stream stuff, they play video games on their phone. An extended battery might be a choice for you, maybe actually even essential for you if you have to charge three or four times a day. The only downside to this is the bulkiness. When I have my extended battery I didn’t really like that it added extra bulk but then the plus overcomes the negative. A little bit extra bulky but I’m getting more talk time, I don’t have to worry about having to run out of battery and I need to charge it. Of course I have an extra car charger in the car but the more charge – like if you charge your battery too often eventually the battery will die off – so having an extended battery is making sure that you charge your battery less times than usual and I think it’s a good idea to have the extended battery because you have more standby time as well. That is my review. This item again is on sale for $24.99. If you find a coupon somewhere like the 15 % off social media coupon – ask one of the geeks for the 15% off. We refresh that every two weeks so you have to ask us all the time. This is all for my review – the HTC Evo 4G extended battery with battery door. It comes in one package. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.