Hey guys, Camera Geek here from AccessoryGeeks.com showing you today a little review on the HTC EVO 4G screen protector which is right here, this little clear, plastic thingie. This is the HTC EVO 4G right here. Since I don’t own the HTC EVO 4G, and I don’t own this either, I don’t want to put it on a fake phone, instead of reviewing the item I’m just going to show you how to put it one. The contents of the HTC EVO 4G screen protector include the screen protector, application card and a little tiny cleaning cloth, which looks like a little tiny chamois. The first thing that you’re going to want to do is clean off you phone with the chamois. You can use a little cleaning solution if you have any. Just make sure you all the grease, the fingerprints, face marks and dust and stuff like that off the screen. You’re going to want to do the same for the screen protector on both sides, just because it’s easier to see, because you’ll know where everything is lining up. It’s easier to see through something that’s clear and dust free. The next thin that you’re going to want to do is go to the bathroom, not to do number one or number two, but to take steps one and two, or to help facilitate them. What you’re going to want to do in the restroom is turn on the hot water and get all the dust around you settled because steam will settle dust, which means there won’t be any dust in the air to get on your phone. The next thing you’re going to want to do is locate the number one, and peel back the film. It’s very thin, so you’re just going to want to peel that off and place it on the phone. Not the film, throw away that, but place the screen protector on the phone. Once it is nice and secure, take the application card and push out any bubbles. If you don’t think this is hard enough, you can use a credit card, that’s what people tend to use. And then you take off number two, which also has a very thin film. Then you’ll want to try and take out any more bubbles. These are not the kind of screen protectors that we have for the HTC EVO. The do their job very well, but maybe you’re looking for a little something else. There are anti-glare screen protectors which will help keep glare of your screen if you’re really outdoorsy. We have privacy screen protectors, which have a mirrored surface, so the only person able to see what’s on the screen is the person directly looking into it. And you can also use it as a really quick mirror to check if you have any broccoli in your teeth or something like that. Alright guys if you have any more questions about the HTC EVO 4G screen protector or if you have a question about any of the items we sell here at AccessoryGeeks.com, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1.866.GEEKS.93, or you can contact us via Livechat, Facebook or email. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8AM to 4PM PST and as always there is free shipping to the US and Canada. This has been Camera Geek and remember, you