Hey, guys. Camera Geek here from accessorygeeks.com. Here showing you the Premium HTC EVO 4G holster with swivel belt clip. So, this is basically the case with the clip. It’s got a pretty easy turning radius. I guess that that’s term. You know, it’s not too stiff but it’s not, like, gonna fly off your belt. You have access to all of the buttons. Well, I think that HTC actually only has a volume [inaudible] inside and then the power button at the top. And there’s absolutely no difficulty — this apps is absolutely not difficult getting this in and out of the case. It’s just little clippy thing right here and then it, you know, comes right now. So then you can enjoy here the kickstand because this doesn’t come with a spot for the kickstand, you know. So if you wanna enjoy YouTube videos, you’re gonna — and you have this, you’re gonna have to take it out of the case. But, like I said, it’s not hard because you don’t have to, like, get out a pry tool or, you know, break off your fingernails to get it out. It just pops in and out. And it actually pops in and out going bottom first. I should have done that. I put it in. All right, this is made out of premium ABS plastic, so it’s lightweight and durable. And it comes in black. I think this is the only color that we have available, actually. And, like I said before, it’s only compatible with the HTC EVO 4G or, actually — yes, HTC EVO 4G. That’s the only one. Check [inaudible] size, making sure that you have a quality product from beginning to end. All right, guys, if you have any questions regarding the Premium HTC EVO 4G holster with swivel belt clip, any of the items that we sell here at Accessory Geeks, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-GEEKS-93 or you can always contact us via live chat Facebook or email. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, eight a.m. to four p.m. Pacific Standard Time. And, just as a reminder, there is always free shipping to U.S. and Canada. This has been Camera Geek, guys, and remember, you got it from a geek.