Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to one of our product reviews from Accessory Geeks. And today I am showcasing the HTC Rhyme screen protectors. Over here we have the mirror effect one and we have the anti-glare ne and we also have the regular premium clear ones. What’s the difference? I can’t really show you much without actually applying for it. This is the mirror effect one. I’m going to use my G2 actually because we don’t have the dummy phone for the HTC Rhyme. So you can see the camera right there while the anti-glare one – I don’t know how this is going to work but maybe you can kind of see the difference if I compare it with the regular clear ones. All of them actually have the exact same function. As you can see with this one you can see the glare’s a little too much. There’s not much difference, depending on what effect you want to have on your phone screen. They all cost almost the same price. The clear one is actually the cheapest which is $6.99 while the other two are $7.99. And they all have about the same thickness to it. It does protect your screen no matter what and it comes with the same material within the box so it’s all up to you which effect that you want. Most of the mirror effect ones are actually bought out by the females for obvious reasons I guess – they don’t want to bring a mirror on anymore. It is always good to have a screen protector. It’s one of those essential things that I would buy when I get a new phone. Mine actually has a screen protector in it as well and without it my phone would have been all scratched up already. I just dropped it the other day screen first and luckily I had a screen protector. It all comes with the micro fiber cloth to clean up your screen first. If you have problems in installing it we do have instructional videos, just look around on our channel, search for screen protector installation guide. And it comes with the squeeze card where you can actually push the bubble out when you’re installing it, like use it to squeeze out the bubbles like that. Screen protectors are very essential and it’s really very cost-effective. It’s $6.99 and you protect the screen of your phone, that’s probably going to cost you about $200 to replace depending on which model you have. I believe the Apple ones, depending on your warranty and everything, they might charge you like 50 bucks for it or something but if you buy a new one from eBay it might cost $150 or $200 so it is always a good thing to have a screen protector. I would highly recommend it if you have the HTC Rhyme or any phone that you have, buy a screen protector for it. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.