Hey geeks. Dodger Geek here for AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m doing a product review on our HTC Rhyme Silicone Skins. As you can see I pulled 4 from my warehouse and they are two different types of silicone skins. One, we have the regular silicone skin for HTC Rhyme and the other one is that crystal silicone skin. So I will go over the differences between the two but we will start off with the regular silicone skin. As you can see the material is very flexible and it is very bendy. It is basically like rubber and it just has a different color to it. This one is pink. This one is black. We have a variety of different colors available on Accessory Geeks.com. The ports are all open you can see the camera wall here. Your flash is still there. You have your headphone jack, your home button and all the microphones and stuff are accessible with the case on so you don’t have to take the case on and off to use your phone, it is fully functional. This case is made out of a very, not too thin but thin enough where the case is very flexible and it does protect your phone from scratches and scuff marks and drops. So when you drop your phone that is getting out of your car as I have many times. It will absorb some of the shock so your phone won’t be damaged. If you are dropping it off from the very high place I don’t recommend that, but it will absorb some of the shock, but I’m pretty sure you’ll break your phone anyways so we don’t recommend that here at AccessoryGeeks.com, but the silicone skin is great for everyday use. The other one we have is the crystal silicone skin for HTC Rhyme. This is different from the regular silicone because it is a thicker material. As you can see here it doesn’t bend as far as the regular silicone. Where this one is more rubbery this one is more of a plastic feel. It is a little bit more durable and it is see through so if you want to keep your phone color showing like this one you can kind of still see the purple hint color through the case and this is on the phone already so you can see all the ports, buttons, screen, everything is accessible with the crystal silicone skin for the HTC Rhyme on. All of these you can wash, they are water resistant, which makes it nice if they get dirty then it is not a problem and all of these are available in a variety of different colors and designs on AccessoryGeeks.com if you are on social media like Facebook and Twitter please visit us and you can receive a discount code and you cut even more of the price off on our everyday low prices. So if you are looking for a sturdy durable silicone skin for your HTC Rhyme we definitely recommend the silicone skins. Thank you for watching and remember, you got it from a geek!