Sports Geek: Hey guys, Sports Geek with, here today with a product review of our HTC Sensation Hard Plastic Cases. Hopefully, this review will help you in your buying decision to help you find the case that is right for you. So as you know, as a Sensation owner, you have this amazing phone that has one of the best industrial designs I think that is out there of any of the high end smartphones. You have a nice unibody metal construction with a really nice textured, two-tone textured back. Overall, it exhibits a really high end feel and really is probably my favorite HTC phone in terms of appearance. So with such a gorgeous phone, you really want to keep it protected, and we have the perfect solution for you. As you see here, I have four different hard plastic cases. And these are pretty much a – it will give you a perfect overview of the different types of cases we have. So our standard plastic case is the rubberized plastic cases. These come in a variety of different colors and as you see here, we have black as well as white. And these plastic cases have a nice rubberized texture to help you really maintain a better grip on your phone. And these are very low profile cases. I’ll quickly sort of show you exactly how thick they are. As you see, they don’t add too much bulk. On the front, it leaves the screen accessible. In addition to the rubberized hard plastic cases, we also have our design plastic cases. And this is a really nice one. This is kind of a glossy finish instead of a rubberized finish. And as you see, they have this really nice design that’s on the back. And it carries over a little bit on the front. And this has a nice smooth finish compared to our rubberized cases, which have the rubberized textured finish. As you can see, the light above me is not visible on here. You get this nice little sheen in this case. Now, I’ll quickly slip this on to give you an idea of how it looks. So on the front, you have this hint of the design that you see on the back. In the back, you have your design. Again, also a very low profile case and every port is accessible. Finally, we have one of our newest types of cases. It is a plastic case with a silicone border. So this is really the best of both worlds. It’s kind of like our crystal silicone cases but a little more rigid. So as you see, it has this nice transparent back. And installation for this is really easy. It has a one-piece design. Just slide it in and you have a really unique-looking case. You get to still see the back of your phone so you can still see an HTC logo as well as this awesome design that they have on the back. In addition, it’s really hard. But you also get the soft silicone over here. So it adds to your grip since it’s a really nice feel and it’s pretty hard to let it go. And at the same time, you’re also getting a better shock resistance. So when you drop it, if you drop it to the sides, the silicone will help absorb any kind of shock. And the silicone also, even though it’s a one-piece design, has a slight lift over the front of the phone. So if you put your phone face down, the screen won’t scratch. Overall, I think this is one of our nicer cases. This is $12.99 on our site. And there you have it. So that’s an overview of our different types of hard plastic cases that we have for the HTC Sensation. Again, our rubberized plastic cases are $9.99 with everyday free shipping. And our design and silicone border hard cases are $12.99, also with free shipping. So click around and I’m sure you will find something that is right for you. Again, this is Sports Geek for, and remember that you got it from a Geek.