Hey guys Mossey here from AccessoryGeeks. What I have with me here today is the Verizon Thunderbolt 4G LTE, and this Motorola Roadster Bluetooth. I’m gonna show you, not only how to pair with your phone but also some additional features about this Bluetooth. So it’s really easy this lady talks she through it. So you’re just turn it on. Right.. So you’re gonna go into your menu.. settings.. wireless and network.. “Ready to pair.. go to menu Bluetooth on phone to complete pairing.. enter 0000 if required”. See.. She’s very helpful. So Bluetooth Settings, so I’m gonna scan for devices, scan for devices. “Go to Bluetooth menu on phone to complete pairing, enter 0000 if required”. Alright so there it is Motorola Roadster, I click that, alright, so it tells me that there’s a problem. So I need to enter the pin possibly. “Go to Bluetooth menu on phone to complete pairing, enter 0000 if required”. Pairing complete. Alright so I did not have to enter the code but now it’s paired. So let me little bit about super sweet Bluetooth. It hooks on to your visor and.. “1006400 dial connected battery level is low”. Even tells you when the battery level of this is low. So to charge it, it comes with the charger right here. Let me turn it off so it doesn’t keep interrupting me. Alright so it provides very clear calls, familiar call. It blocks out background noise for quality connection . what my favorite thing is you can hear text and speaker reply. So I now here on California there are really cracking down on people being on their Cell Phone texting, talking, so this really eliminates, solve problems you’re able to actually respond the text or listen to them. It has an automatic on and off. This speaker phone actually turns on when you get in and turns off when you get out of your car. You can use your voice to prompt out this speaker phone to answer or ignore call. So you don’t have to worry about touching button while you’re driving. What another cool feature it also announces the caller’s id so you know who’s calling, so you know when you’re wanna hit ignore or answer. This goes for $ 79.99 on AccessoryGeeks.com and don’t forget that you got it from a geek.