Hey guys Julian with the accessorygeeks.com. Back with HTC Thunderbolt. What we’re gonna do is go through hardware tour and go over some first impressions. So the hardware very htc industrial design 4.3 touchscreen in front. Super LCD 800 by 480 resolution. On the back nice pv kickstand graded speaker grow underneath. 8 MP camera 7.20 HD video capture with the dual LED flash. On the front you have front face and camera. As well as notification LED burried under the headset grow. 3.5 mm headset jack on the back or on the top to me and a micro USB port on the side. And this is a removable battery cover. It’s nice to touch it, very smooth texture of plastic. It’s also has a really nice design. It’s quite heavy about 6 onces weighes more than an iPhone 4. And definitely weighes more than all the Galaxy S device which is lightest further compared with this phone. A lot people like it because the weight that it really has, sturdy and substantial feel . Very Evo like thicknesses very similiar to the Evo, screen size is the same. People says it’s pretty much an Evo. On verizon without LTE and I kinda agree in terms of design but once you actually look at the upgrading system itself .. And the hardware perform it, you’ll see that there’s a difference. So the phone itself. Here we are the HTC sense running over the Android 2.2. And some of the cool things you can do with the HTC sense if you’re not familiar with it. Here you have your HTC or your home screen. And you can select anyone from there. You also have a special what do you say.. you can place on the homescree. Either long press the wallpaper or you press this button down here. And here you can add widgets. So you have the calender, email, different types of clocks. Here we are have the theme of HTC weather and time widgets as well as other android widgets. And in addition you have HTC scenes which are personilized homescreen that they put together for you. Based on personalily I guess. . so have, play, work, social and this entailed widgets. And up short cuts on your homescreen that can tell it to your personality. So for your social you have your front screen widgets along with other social widgets. Here you would have email and accounter and world clock and etc and so on. Skins pretty cool. You can change the notification of both colors as well as the dock color. And the lock screen dark is handle lock screen clock. So back in customization for you. Also new add map to homescreen they lay in a nice grid for you. So if you know where you can put apps when you can. And HTC sense also entails some custimize core aps. So with the phone you can see the dial is so different , you see recent contacts at tops. Messenger also different they have this category menus at the bottom, so you can see your sms as well as your voice mail. Text messaging, looks a little different in stock android. The gallery, another aps, it’s all different . instead of the 3D wall you have standard thumbnail of view and also grid as well as navigation on the bottom. Another one is the music, will be the anything upon it but again similar to the other sense core aps You have a navigation accross the bottom of the music aps. Another difference is the customization to the notification windows shade. So at the top you have your recently open aps so you can scroll through. In addition to your standard android and notification window. So pretty nice.. Sense..I think around falls to your android.If you don’t like it then you could always put a custom launch on it. Another feature of this device is the fact that it is verizon first 4G LTE enabled phone. These are at last are really really incredible web browsing. We have a web speed test that we put up. But we’re gonna go to some website just to show you how fast browsing is right on the phone. So we’re gonna go to our accessorygeeks website all cash in cookies have been cleared. Here is our mobile site. Which is very gid but for the purposes of this test we’re gonna go to our 4 website. And it’s loaded up completely which is pretty incredibly fast. We’re going to our product. And it’s done so just incredible web perfomance. We can go to some other website. Engadget.com ispretty content heavy on homepage. As you see everything is loaded up it’s just the flash on it still loading last. And web browsing is really smooth. Pretty good scrolling, nice picture zoom. And I will try one more website out, It’s LA Times across the mobile site at first, and the pages pretty much loaded so very, very fast web browsing. It’s probably the fastest I’ve seen in any device and the numbers back it up when you do some speed test. So that’s the HTC thunderbolt I’m pretty impressed by it’s pretty nice package. The LTEi is really, really the next generation on mobile internet. And the device is pretty snappy. You got 1 GigaHeartz snapdragon processor, the newest model so it’s not the same that’s going on the Evo and you have a super LCD screen which are a lot better than the Evo because you have some saturated really good color saturation as well as some nice feeling that goes as you can see. So that’s it for this video, stay tune for some more videos and remember that you got it from a geek.