Hey guys Julian with accessorygeeks.com. Back once again after long hides with a phone unboxing. Today we have the HTC thunderbolt from verizon wireless. So let get right this is. Here we have the very plain black under sided box, slide cover. Some embossed logos here verizon HTC. HTC thunderbolt. And a verizon 4G LTE certification stamp. So if you don’t believe that this is a 4G phone they have certificated for you. I open up this box. Here we are the phone. Very nice, very HTC, very EVO like and the sense that. It’s 4.3 touchscreen Android phones. Inside box we have a first for verizon, a 4G sim card. User manual, wall charger, and USB cable, and the battery. And looks like there no headphones in here hmm.. Nope.. still no headphones in here. So a very first package kind a like in it. Now the phone is $250 with a 2 year contract which is when the price your phone on verizon means due to the fact that this is the first 4G, healthy compatible smart phone. So we’re gonna do right now is compare to some of the other mega screen phones on verizon. So here we have the Droid x. this is a dummy but for size purposes just fine. So see the droid x is slightly taller. G2 screen witht a higher vertical resolution of 850 pixels versus 800. If you see the thickness the Droid X is nice and thin up until this camera hump. Where is the thunderbolt kinda curse that words. Another phone that you wanna compare to, is the Evo, it’s cause enough on sprint. And very similar design here kickstand the thunderbolt has it deep here one with camera. I says this not camera. The speaker grow on the back. You got the cameras with the dual LED flash. Front facing cameras.. and the Evo has a HDMI port whereas the thunderbolt does not which is has this micro USB jack. So very similar in design to the evo the thunderbolt actually comes preloaded with a 32 GB Sd cards which they slide in right here. And this is a class 4 sd card so it’s pretty quick. And that’s about it for the unboxing.So hopefully we’ll be ought to run some tests compare to other 4G network like T-Mobile and Sprints. And see how Verizon LTE surface compares. So that’s it for now and stay tune for some more videos and just remember that you got it from a geek.