Hey guys Julian with accessorygeeks.com. Back with the HTC Thunderbolt. Right now what we’re gonna do is test out the 4G LTE speed on this device. The Thunderbolt is the first LTE device on verizon. And people have been claiming about this LTE speed so let’s take a look. And concurrently I’m gonna run a Speedtest on my desktop. So 22 Megabytes down, 37 up which is absolutely not right. But this is what we have in seeing. I mean historical’s been a lot of these. Some over 20 but for most part down will be over 10 Megabytes which is really really impressive. It’s meaningly impressive. Here we have the upload speed. Which is not right. But the download speed are simply incredible. For referene I have my desktop web test finish and there you see 1.7 Megabytes down 0.35 megabytes up. This is over DSL, so 1.7 on DSL, 22.5 on LTE simply incredible. I just need this. You can notice while it’s browsing on the phone itself. So I’m gonna to our site. And all cache should have been cleared. So offcourse been able mobile site which is excellent. And for the purspose of this test we can go to our for destop version. And completely loaded. We can check out our product right here. But just ridiculous speed. We’re in one that California we’re lucky to have 4 G coverage here. So obviously various but most people been saying that when they get LTE service just ridiculous. Type some of the site here, let’s try engadget. The flash element is the last thing to load. It’s done. Pretty incredible. Another site is pretty content, the economist. Again flash elements loading last and it’s done. So it’s just ridiculous browsing speed. Just insane .. I can’t speak. This is also has a Myfi feature which allows you to use this mobile hotspot. And I think that’s really good.. this boy of how ridiculous LTE speeds are. So I’m gonna set hotspot and we’ll be right back. Alright get the hotspot all set up. All I have to do is creating SSID and security password if you want encryption. So such an awesome device needs an awesome SSID, so in tribute to ACDC I called our network thunderstruct. So as you see on my computer, we’re connected to the Myfi so let’s take a look. We’re gonna run the speedtest over the LTE Myfi service, See what kinda result we get. So similar if not better results 17 megabytes down and in here we see some real upload speed. Nothing crazy like 30 Megabytes up but it’s so really, really good. We got 6,17. So absolutely incredible speed can quick around, go back tour accessorygeesk home page. Well it’s just like a broadband connection. It’s really nothing else I can say. I think it loads quickly. Anything actually faster than turn out I usually deal with, which is pretty sad and pretty exciting at the same time. Can try youtube. I also open up some high content site like ESPN load instantly.. Engadget.. Loads really quckly. So it’s pretty much exactly like browsing internet on broadband connection. Youtube works just fine, get this awesome video. That seems to be running very quikly. And I’ll let you guys to watch that on your own time. But that is a brief webtest of the Myfi feature of the HTC thunderbolt. Again 4G LTE looks like it’s a winner right now. Well just have to see this speed hold up. Oncemore subscribers come on board. But as of now this is very, very impressive. Ok that’s it for this video, stay tune for more. And always remember that you got it from a geek.