The iPhone 4 once again has proved to be the titan of the smart phone realm. I have decided to interview AccessoryGeek’s resident phone expert, Jujitsu Geek, about this brand new phone.

With stunning first weekend sales numbers, 1.7 million sold in first weekend, what do you think is the hype about the iPhone 4?

One of the big hype about iPhone 4 is the introduction of the new design as well as the addition of the high mega pixel camera and introduction of the new operating system called iPhone OS4.Another key feature for the new iPhone 4 is the Retina display, which is stated to be one of the highest resolution displays currently available on a cell phone.

What are some issues surrounding the iPhone 4, such as yellow discoloration on the screen, susceptibility to damage, and reception problems?

One is the design.  The front and back of the phone are constructed of glass, so the actual durability of the phone is in question. Some early reports state that there is also a reception issue caused by the antenna being external. So when consumers hold the phone in certain way, they bridge the connections between the antennas which disrupt the frequency. Another issue is the screen. The adhesive used in the screen’s glass is known to leave some yellow residue. But that has gone away over time.

Ars Technica inquired Apple corporate about the iPhone 4’s widely reported reception issues, as you have mentioned in the previous question. The response they got from Steve Jobs’ was “Don’t hold it like that”. When a reader over at TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) asked Jobs via e-mail whether the iPhone 4 reception problem was due to a “design flaw” got a similar response: “Nope, Just don’t hold it that way.” What do you have to say about Steve Jobs’ response to this troubleshoot?

I think his response is very inappropriate and unprofessional. He is not addressing the design flaw within the iphone4, but rather suggesting that it’s a consumer’s problem rather than the manufacture’s problem.

What are some cases that are available for the iPhone 4?

At launch Apple did make available the iphone bumpers. Those are really make-shift silicone cases that only cover the side of the phone. Lots of people speculate that this was to address the reception problem without initially releasing a statement saying that there was a problem. Lot of the cases that are available right now are plastic cases and full silicone cases that offer protection for the back of the phone, which has been prone to crack or break once it drops. Other higher grade cases such as otter box is still pending on a release but we can assume that because of the phone’s fragile nature, more heavy duty cases will be a hit.  All cases remedy the reception problem, as the user’s hand will no longer come in direct contact with the external antenna.

Do you have anything else to say about the iPhone 4?

I think regardless of the problems that are present in the iPhone 4, you are still going have strong following, because of the product itself and it’s strong track record of providing consumers with what they want.  Which is usually apps, good display and stability which Apple has  proved to be able to deliver time to time again.

Okay, thank you for your time.

No problem.

That was John the Jujitsu Geek from AccessoryGeeks. If you have any questions, you can contact John Nguyen from Well then, until next time. Farewell Geeks!