We all know, you got your iPad. Congratulations! Now, it is time for you to protect and individualize your iPad! How will you do this you ask? Well, let the Geeks help you. We have an array of cases, charm straps, chargers, headsets and speakers, holders and stands, screen protectors, and others (keyboard, touch screen pen, and more).
Accessory Geeks has such a wide range of iPad Cases that you will find one that fits you. One of my favorites, but less traditional, are the TurtleBack G-Mate iPad Leather Carry Case. The best thing about these is that they give you lifetime warranty! The TurtleBack is a Genuine Leather Carry Case with Clear Window and allows you to carry it side ways or with handles. It comes with a zipper pocket, so that you may put in your cords or other accessories. You can easily use your iPad through the clear plastic, so not fuss of taking it out of the bag. It comes in different colors: Coffee Brown, Navy Blue, Mustard Yellow, and Red! We also carry the more traditional leather cases, or the typical cases you would find in your local Apple store.
One of our hottest cases right now is our iChair iPad 1st Rubberized Case w/Kickstand and Screen Protector. It is everything that it says it is in the name! The all-purpose stand lets you have endless options of how you place your iPad. You can type an email, kick stand it up and watch a movie, the case can do it all! The iPad Case comes with an extra slider, screen protector dust cloth, and squeegee board. You really get your moneys worth.
We also sell iPad Screen Protectors to prevent from scratching your screen! The Screenguardz HD Apple iPad (1st Gen) Anti-glare Screen Protector protects your screen from scratches and glare. The slight adhesive will leave no residue on your screen, which is great because the residue can damage your iPad. It blocks glare from overhead light, allowing you to see your screen clearly without tilting it in the perfect angle with just enough shade. The easy application allows you to put on your screen cover stress free without worrying about messing up and wasting all that money on one try. If you are looking for a full cover, we also have iPad Bodygaurdz. Bodygaurdz are made out of the same materical used to protect the front of cars from small debris, such as rocks. So that should convince you that your iPad will be safe and sound.
The newest iPad Accessory is our Stylus Pen. Your greasy fingers no longer have to be washed or licked before touching your screen. These pens gives you easy maneuvering and more control over the touch screen mouse. It comes in different colors and different size. They are made of hard metal and easy to carry around. These are good to have for the everyday internet browsing to calendar organizing.

Accessory Geeks have such a large array of iPad Accessories. Browse through our collection and choose an accessory that will make your iPad even more efficient.