Hey whats up guys, JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm bringing you a product review on the AT&T/Verizon/Apple iPhone 4, Sprint version of the iPhone 4S, Textured Hybrid Hard Cover over Silicone Case in Black white.

I like these cases because they have a texture in the back as you can see here. It's got a two-tone color. You can see the silicone bumper on the edges that is going to provide a better protection when your phone drops especially on the corners and we do have them in a variety of different colors. We got black and orange, red and black, purple and black. So it accommodates the girls and boys. It has all the cutouts for the apple logo, camera and flash.

So basically this is a 2 piece case, first is the silicone case that you slip onto your iPhone 4/4s and then you will snap on this plastic portion on top as you can see in the pictures here. And it does not add too much bulk but again it will make a slight bulk or slight thickness just to protect the phone.

So as you can see here, the volume buttons are actually covered. It will prevent those buttons from getting damaged and you can still have access to the silent button here.

The lock button are also covered but you have access on the headphone jack so you can still plug your earphone to listen to music or watch videos.

It’s a great case if you are looking to protect your phone especially for this price. The textured back will help you grip the phone better, especially the silicone side here.

A lot of people look for that specifically so that they don’t want to have a case that’s too slippery, kind of like the glossy cases or something like that.

So if you are looking for protection for your phone that is budget friendly, this is definitely one of the items that I always recommend for our customers right here. It has great quality and it will last long.

One thing that this case does not have is the screen protector, so I would highly recommend getting those. I mean with the low price for the case and screen protector, you can't beat that.

Definitely take advantage of our low price and free shipping, get yours today.

Thanks for tuning in guys and remember you got it from a geek.

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