If you enjoy unique, glow-rifyingly unique, and the Peanuts family, we have got the case for you! Check out the iLuv Peanuts Glow in the Dark Rollerskating Snoopy Silicone Case for iPhone 5 today!

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Greetings geeks. This is GoofyGeek here and welcome to another AccessoryGeeks product review.

Today we’re going to be reviewing the iLuv Snoopy glow in the dark silicone case for the iPhone 5.

As you can see, the packaging is pretty sturdy. Not going to be broken during transit. IT’s relatively easy to open. All you need is a pry tool or a pen if you don’t have a pry tool. Just poke this little dot and it pops right open. The case itself just slides right on out.

Okay, so this is a silicone case so it’s kind of flexible. It’s form fitting. Benefit of having a silicone case is both the shock and it’s very light weight. It has a nice almost matte like finish and who doesn’t love Snoopy?

Here’s the iPhone 5. The beautiful thing that it is and the case just slides right on top. LIke I said before, form fitting and it will conform to your iPhone 5. There’s also cutouts for all the ports and buttons and actual physical buttons for the power switch and volume switch, okay? Very light weight and very sleek. Now, I know I kept you in suspense but what does it look like in the dark?

A little hard to tell just because of the video quality but it does glow in the dark. It’s the same color basically as it looks like in the light. It’s black with like a greenish bluish tint and you can clearly see that Snoopy is rollerskating with a star.

Now you can go ahead and pick this up from AccessoryGeeks.com for $29.99 and it’s a great addition to your iPhone 5. And always remember, you got it from a geek.