Hey guys Mossey here from AcessoryGeeks. What I have with me today is the LG Cosmos Touch Screen Protector. So I’m gonna show you how to put it on and some different tricks of the trade. Now you get this for $ 6.99 on AccessoryGeeks. What cool is it… not only comes with The Screen Protector, it comes with this Microfiber type cloth to clean off the Screen. You wanna get us much scratches, dirt, dust, all that stuff out and over the screen before you put that screen protector on. Now the cool thing it comes with this is little card. This is perfect to get out whatever little bubbles maybe left over.. Right.. So this Screen Protector has two sides. Side one.. Side two.. So what you wanna do is first peel side one off, now make sure not to touch it tough, because.. then your finger prints will get all over it. So you just place it on there. I like to go from one side to the other just to make sure I’m getting all the bubbles out. And you just keep going. Push it on there.. alright.. so now, one of the tricks is you wanna get the bubbles out before you take this second piece off. That way you’re not scratching the actual screen protector and it’ll last longer. This is a Crystal Premium Screen Protector, it’s pre-cut, it fits your LG Cosmos. And it prevents glare, it protects your phone against all the scratches, scrapes, debris and all the involuntary might pick your phone through. And also you can remove it without leaving any kind of residue on your Phone Screen, so that’s always good. So once you get all the bubbles out, you’re happy with the look. You then peel that second part off. And then I like to use the cloth and kinda go back over, push out any low bubbles and made of mist with the card. And once that’s done. You have a nicely protected LG Cosmos, ready to go. And it will be scratch free. Don’t forget we always have free shipping. And that you got it from a geek.