Hey geeks. Dodger Geek here for AccessoryGeeks.com and welcome to the product review of the LG Esteem Screen Protectors. As you can see I have pulled 3 LG Esteem Screen Protectors out for you. They have a few things in common, but they also have a couple of things that are different so let’s get started. The first one we have here is a mirror screen protector and as you can see it is reflective. So if you want to look over your shoulder during class and check out the hot guy or girl behind you or if you want to check yourself out on a date this is a perfect way to do that. One thing I like about this mirror screen protector is that when your screen is off you can see yourself and you can check things out to make sure everything is in order, but it doesn’t hinder the usage of a touch screen. You can clearly see your screen and you have no limitations on these. This is a very thin piece of plastic. It is reflective. If you don’t care for the reflective but you like shimmer and shine on your screen then this is a perfect way to go as well. Your screen protector also comes with a micro fiber cloth. Moving right along, here we have our anti-glare screen protector. Now, if you are out in the sun or if you are in a brightly lit room for a lot of the day the anti-glare screen protector will be perfect for you. It diminishes the glare that you will see on your screen and allows you to use your screen fully whether you are outdoors or indoors and you are trying to get rid of that glare. This screen protector comes with a Micro fiber cloth and this one comes with a plastic cover. So when you apply your screen protector. I don’t if you could pick it up here. When you apply you can push out the bubbles and make sure that it is a smooth application and then peel off number two and you are good to go. The third screen protector is our classic premium screen protector. It is a just a clear piece plastic and as you can see no color and no tint. No mirror effect. It is just clear and ready to go and as is. All of these will protect your screen from scratches and blemishes that can be unsightly after awhile. I know that working with kids for myself that I get sticky fingers and I get dropped or my phone gets dropped quite often so having the screen protector on really protects screens so that I can use my phone until I’m ready for my upgrade. All of these are two step process for application. You peel number one off and then you can use your plastic card to scrape the bubbles. For this one, it doesn’t come with one so you can use your credit card or a library card or something that is pretty tough and flat that can push up all the bubbles and then once you push those out peel off number 2 and you are good to go. I do suggest that you do this in the bathroom as strange as it sounds turning on the hot water will create steam and then steam will pull out the lint and the dust from the air. So you won’t have particles floating around and sticking to your screen protector when you apply it so steam up the room, put the screen protector on and you are good to go – no bubbles. All the screen protectors are available now at AccessoryGeeks.com for an everyday low price and if you are looking for more of a discount hop on over on to our social media like Facebook and Twitter and you will be able to get a discount code from one of the geeks there and you will be able to save even more. If you like what you see, please also go over to Yelp and let us know how we are doing whether it is good or bad we would love to hear from you and we would love to make your shopping experience even better and we also like to receive a pat on the back here and there so please go ahead on over to Yelp and leave us a review. This is your LG Esteem Screen Protector product review and remember, you got it from a geek!