Yo what's up what's up guys? This is JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to be doing a product review for the LG Extravert VN271 Screen Protector in clear.

I believe this phone is exclusive to Verizon so Verizon, that is probably your carrier and where you got this phone from. This product here is a clear screen protector. We do have different types available. We got anti-glare and also the mirror effect if that's more of what you're looking for but this one, once you apply it, doesn't really change the look of your screen that much. You probably can't even tell that it's on there but the main function for it would just be to protect your screen from any scratches if you put it in your pocket along with your keys and sharp objects like that and avoid getting scratches, then this is probably the item that you're looking for.

These types of phones is not one of the smart phones that they have released so I don't think the screen is made of Guerilla Glass like the other ones that have that scratch resistant protection so you definitely want to keep that protected because I know that you're going to be using a lot of the touch functions through the screen so definitely recommend that for you guys. It does come with everything that you need. it's only one per package. It comes with the squeegee card and the microfiber cleaning cloth to remove all the dust. And I would also recommend checking out our video. Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven't already. It's AccessoryGeeks on YouTube. And hopefully this video will help you apply your screen protector on your screen. It is a smaller screen which might be a lot easier. This one, we show you an example with an iPhone 4S so same kind of concept there so hopefully it'll help you guys out. So there's that.

And also, if you wanted to remove it for any reason, maybe you want to try a different screen protector out, or whatever the case may be, it doesn't leave any type of residue so that's really good. And again, this is a high quality screen protector, once you have it on there, you probably won't have to remove it for quite some time only unless you have a lot of scratches on there. It's a really good investment and it will definitely save you from having to replace the screen for whatever reason. And I would also recommend purchasing a plastic case to cover the front and back of your phone as well just so your entire phone is protected.

Let's see if we have any reviews here. We've got one review 4 stars keeps screen protected and scratch free says Frank from New York City. Thank you so much for leaving that for us and hope you guys will talk to me through here and let me know what you guys think about this item if you guys have already purchased it. So talk to me and let me know.

Thanks for tuning in guys and remember, you got it from a geek.

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