Let’s be sleek, let’s be stylish, let’s be… mesh? Check out our LG Optimus G Mesh Over Silicone Hard Case today!

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Hey guys, this is FishingGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com with a product review video of the black mesh on black silicone for the LG Optimus G.

I’m going to show you guys, hang on. The outer layer is mesh plastic and just slip in the phone into the silicone. Then you’re going to secure the mesh outer casing over the silicone. All you need to do is squeeze them together and it should be secure. Lastly, you want to double check that your ports and buttons are accessible and you should be good.

The phone is in the casing. It’s pretty, it’s not very bulky. It is slim to the phone and protects your phone very well. It’s also very smooth. The mesh material and the look of it is really soft and has a rubberized texture and the casing has a very good grip because of the silicone.

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