Hey what's up guys? This is JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to be doing a product review for the LG Revolution, LG Esteem Rubberized Textured Hard Case & Holster with Rotating Belt Blip & Stand Combo in black.

So it's pretty much a 3 for 1 item. It's very convenient especially, I could see this item for like students or business men, business women, or people who kind of work in an office environment. I could totally see this item working out really well for you. It's got the nice textured rubberized holster and also the rubberized case. Textured here as you could see the lines going through there and it is rubberized to provide a little bit of a better grip for you. The case is really easy to use. It's a one piece case that you snap on to the back cover, back of the phone. It has all the cutouts that you need like the camera, the speakers, the side buttons and all that. it's completely accessible. This case is specially designed to fit this holster only so if you're trying to use this holster with a different case on it, it's not going to work. It's specifically designed for this particular case.

The swivel holster belt clip does swivel. It does rotate and lock in various different positions so you can use it vertically if you prefer or horizontally if that suits you better. So you have several different options to accommodate your needs. As you can see, it has that slim feature. It doesn't add too much bulk to it and should be very comfortable on the side of your hip. What's also neat is that the case turns into a kickstand. You just simple pull on that and it turns into a stand and you can use vertically or even horizontally so maybe after a run or you know, like a drop off or pick up or whatnot and you're out and you have the phone in your holster and you come back to your desk, you can easily remove it from your holster and set it on your desk so you have full view of your phone.

I know some of the geeks here has this particular item. Not for this phone but for a different phone model which we also do have available in many different models so check those out. But it works out really well for them and I've actually seen this product in person and I can't say that there is any other item out there like this. It's a really good product. It's very budget friendly and you're pretty much essentially 3 items in one so you don't have to purchase a separate holster, separate stand, or a case. it all comes together in one.

One thing you might want to consider purchasing separately though is a screen protector just so that your entire phone is protected all around.

Other than that, please leave us a review right here and let me know how you liked it. Did it work out for you? Did you not like it? Comment on my video and let me know if it was helpful or not. Alright thanks for tuning in guys and remember, you got it from a geek.

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