Gamer Geek: Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with, and welcome to another one of our product review videos. And today, I have another iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Bling Case from Luxmo. This one in particular is the Pink and Purple Butterfly on Black Gems. I like how the black gems actually look. It looks really sexy. Personally, I wouldn’t buy one of these cases because it just looks a little too feminine for me and they might question me for buying this case. But if you like these kind of — this is super awesome. If you look at — this is going to make your iPhone 4 look very unique. So let’s say you have this regular black one. Put this on. Super simple to just put it on. The front part backwards. Make sure you attach it correctly so that all the ports are actually open, so, like, this is volume, not the lock side, power, jack is open. Screen is way open. Home screen, home button, you can just press it. Even the micro SIM is open so you can always just pull that out. The charging port and the speakers are all open and as well as the camera is open. So overall, this is a great case. Like the gems actually are a little bit more dimensioned compared to the regular plastic ones. But I think it gives it a little bit more protection. When it falls, it doesn’t hit the plastic of the case right away but it will actually hit the gems first, and I think this is awesome, like, it’s like an armor, making sure that your phone is protected while looking good. If you like the separate design, we have a lot more bling cases available. We have actually over 300 different cases available for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. This case is made by Luxmo, one of our — We’ve worked with them for so long. These are one of the cases that I would actually recommend to people that like bling cases or fancy designs on their cases. Protect your iPhone 4. It’s one of the most fragile phones out there right now. And this is on sale for $15, $14.99 to be exact. Check out our Facebook or YouTube channels and ask one of the Geeks for the 15% off coupon code. You got to ask one of us. We’re not going to just tell you on the video of course because we want more customer interaction. Talk to us. Ask us anything. Questions regarding the product, if you want, like, all the 300 cases available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, check out the link down below. You can always find out, find us at Overall, good case. I would recommend this. This is Gamer Geek. You got it from a Geek.