Hey geek this is AnimalPrintGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com bringing you another product review for the Luxmo Apple Verizon/AT&T iPhone 4, iPhone 4S Bling Hard Case in hot pink splash gems on silver.

This case is actually specifically molded to fit the iPhone 4 perfectly. it has specific cutouts to view and easy access to all of your ports. With this case, it's very durable, it's bright, it's shiny when you bring it to the light, it's a strong ABS and durable and it has easy snap on installation. This case is actually two pieces that you'll snap on here onto an iPhone 4, iPhone 4s to provide a nice clean, very sleek design to it for those people in offices. Definitely a cool case for you. It does have the gems on it so it's easy to actually to hold the case. It's not slippery. Again, you'll be able to use your camera on the back, it's got a cutout for that, along the sides, it has cutouts for all the buttons and also along the bottom, it has a cutout you can also charge the phone at dock at home, or you want to listen to music at work.

With this I would definitely recommend you to get a screen protector because this does not come with one and you would definitely want your screen fully protected from any scratches or abrasions on it.

I do recommend this phone for anyone who's very unique and trying to express their individuality. These are very popular cases. The bling cases are new and they're cool and definitely bring a different vibe to your phone and guaranteed people are going to ask you where you got it from.

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