Hey what’s up guys? This is JchunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I am going to do a product review for the Luxmo Samsung Galaxy S 4G Vibrant Crystal Silicone in the Smoke Argyle Diamond Design.

This is one of the type of cases that I always recommended customers first and its personally one of my favorite types of cases just because it provide that protection and it’s easy to take on and off the phone if you need to remove it for any reason. It’s also easy to change cases whenever you want to and it’s still easy to take it in or out in your pocket. Best way to describe this case would probably be like a cross between a plastic case and silicone case so it’s not as flexible as a regular silicone case but its more durable and it has that slick type of finish that the plastic cases have. So you’re still able to have that sort of better grip on the phone while keeping it slim. So it has all the necessary cutouts that you need as you can see here for cameras, speaker and it even has access to your 3.5mm jack phone so your phone is protected all around. Unfortunately this does not come out with a screen protector but we do have them sold separately so check those out. And the crystal silicone design cases also comes in separate or in different color. So if you want to switch it up to match your wardrobe or outfit of the day then we do have different colors as well.

You can check them here on the right hand column we have different styles we even have plastic or regular silicone cases if that’s what you prefer. But again this is kind a like hybrid case it’s a cross between both. So one of my favorite cases. I have had a few for my phones throughout the years and they’ve worked really well for me. i haven’t had replace them or anything. They actually don’t break as plastic case would if you were to drop it on your floor. It’s really long lasting, really durable and well worth the money.

I hope this information helpful for you guys let me know what you guys think. Thanks for tuning in and remember you got it from the geek.

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