Hey guys Maxine here at AccessoryGeeks.com. And I have in front of me the Macally iPad 2 Rubberized Hard Plastic Case with Stand in Black and Yellow. Now if you’re getting in flashes of Batman when you’re looking at this case. I certainly don’t blame you as you notice these are kind of his trade mark colors. So that’s a plus for me. But more importantly this is a fantastic case in that.. this yellow gummy border that you’ve seen goes all away around the iPad 2. So it’ll protect the edges of your iPad from impact and damages when knocks against other surfaces. So I definitely like that a big plus and not only that all ports are accessible but as a bonus they have covered to the volume up and down button here in that yellow silicone. So very cool definitely did him the gummy border. The main feature of this rubberized case are the kickstands, you know I say kickstands means that there’s more than one. And what makes this kickstand so interesting is that unlike normal kickstand cases where just comes with the one. This comes with the shallow kickstand which allows for much more comfortable typing. So as you can see here it’s inclined out of very comfortable place for you to rest. So if you’re doing that access, or once you’re typing or doing a lot of copy on your iPad 2 this is perfect for you. But if you just wanna use it for viewing movies or playing games it comes with a much more standard kickstand here. So as you can see you have the standard viewing feature for the kickstand. Now you can find these Macally iPad 2 Rubberized Hard Plastic Cases for $20.99 at AccessoryGeeks.com with free shipping and handling off course. So you definitely check them now. Thanks for tuning in. I’m Max at AccessoryGeeks.com and you got it from a geek.