Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos. And this is the Macally universal adjustable automobile cup holder mount for your cell phone and a lot of other devices like let’s say your GPS is actually missing the mount, you can actually use this. I will actually open it right now. This is the official macally iPod and Macally is a really, really good brand for portable devices. Mostly they’re known for their iPod products or Apple products. But here is a universal mount that fits in the cup holder of your car. Let me see what we’ve got here. We’ve got the instruction booklet – I don’t think you’re going to need it. This is the extra grip – it is actually the longer grip that’s available for this. So this is the smaller one, this is the bigger one for bigger devices. I’m going to put this back in the box. And a couple of — I mean this is a pretty cool catalogue actually. I’ll put them all back and let’s see what we’ve got. So it’s pretty simple, nothing much. You can adjust it here by turning it to the left and when you turn it to the left this part right here actually expands. So if your cup holder is a little bit larger than usual that would actually hold it into place. As soon as you find the perfect position for it and you can just leave it there – this is really cool. As far as the grip you can always just release it by just sliding it down like that, slide it back up, and I’ll show you with my T-Mobile G2 how to actually put it on. It’s pretty simple. It has a really strong grip actually. This will not fall at all. I’m not even holding the phone. And as soon as you put it on and then you just adjust it, tilt this a little bit. So let’s say this is the cup holder so adjust it. I use my phone a lot for GPS, whenever I’m looking for directions and stuff, so this will be a great addition, another Accessory Geeks product from Macally that I can use in the car. This is a really awesome product and it is only $16, $15.99 to be exact, shipped within US and Canada – that’s free shipping. Accessory Geeks always has free shipping. And if you’ve been subscribing to our channel you can actually claim the 15% off coupon code, just ask from the geeks, you’ve got to actually message us and ask for it. It’s cheaper than $16 actually with 15% off so always grab our coupon codes. I would definitely recommend it. I’m actually probably going to buy it. This is Gamer Geek — you got it from a geek.