Hey guys. Gamer Geek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos and for me I have the Macally Universal Suction Cup Mount. We will open this real quick. Macally is really, really well known product, brand. They actually have it on sale at the store as well. But AccessoryGeeks also carries them. We got a lot of items here so let me just open it up real quick. Here is some extra catalogue, Macally gave it to us. Over here you will see a very, very old looking grip oh I actually dropped that. I will show you how to install that in a second. This will actually grip your phone on whatever device you put on. This is actually the smaller one so it fits most smart phones iPhone 4′s the HTC Incredible 2. You know, where it will fit in here. This is the incredible Droid Incredible 2. I will show you real quick. Actually, I have a bigger one right there, there you go. You know it fits it. This is my T-Mobile G2. It did really well. It won’t ever fall so you know that it is a quality grip that has a rubber backing so you don’t hurt your phone and this is the actual suction cup part where you install this on to the windshield. So this goes on to glass like so and this is fully adjustable. I can adjust it any way I want it but the same it is actually really, really firm and for the suction cup what you want to do is as soon as you stick it on to the wall you want to push this lever down like so. So it raises up a little bit, so it secures the suction cup on the windshield and if you want to let this part go just press this button right here and it releases it. Now after you have gone that part you will see that little area over there. You match it up with this and then just slide it up or in this case slide it down because I have like that instead of the other way around. And you will have a mount for your car. I think I really, really out done themselves. We have two different versions. This is the M-grip. We also have the other one the M-cup. Similar to this, but the bottom part is not a suction cup. It is actually you place it on your cup holder in a car so if you don’t have cup holder this will be the perfect solution. I use a mount in my car for my phone because GPS allowed for my phone. Whenever I can’t find direction or view music just you know have it on like that. It is like into your MP3 I didn’t plug it correctly, there. Like that it won’t fall. So this is the M-grip from Macally and the universal window suction cup mount for a lot of different devices iPods, smart phones, anything you can think of that will fit here. Oh I forgot to mention it also comes with a bigger grip right here on the side so it will fit like thicker phones. Pretty cool, check it out at AccessoryGeeks.com. Oh, this is on sale for $15.99 so it is pretty cheap amount and very, very good quality. It is from Macally. Look for a coupon keep it from $15 and it comes with free shipping from U.S and Canada, within U.S and Canada sorry. This is Gamer Geek. You got it from a geek!